Thank you and a new paper

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6 Nov 2017 - 11:30
CCF News

Thanks again to CCF and CCI for the fantastic opportunity to use the hot desks allocated in the David Attenborough Building (DAB). Access to this amazing working space has positively contributed to my manuscript writing, with a second scientific article recently published in the journal Insectes Sociaux. The paper entitled ‘Army imposters: diversification of army ant-mimicking beetles with their Eciton hosts’ assesses the intricate interaction of two genera of Staphylinidae beetles (Ecitophya and Ecitomorpha) with different species of the neotropical army ant genus Eciton. These two genera of beetles have evolved to mimic the appearance and the colouration of different species of Eciton army ants and are considered hunting guests of the ants, as they profit from the prey captured during the iconic forest raids of these army ants. This study has revealed important insights into the evolutionary relationships of these myrmecophiles with Eciton species and has helped to resolved previous taxonomical challenges of both ants and beetles. The article is already published online ( If you are interested and have no access to Insectes Sociaux you can request a copy via ResearchGate or by email ( or via ResearchGate. Once again I recommend to all members of CCF to take advantage of the use the available desks at DAB. This opportunity has allowed ensuring some high productivity moments and inspiration that culminated in rewarding publications as well as to feel part of an active community working for conservation.