Save the Cambridge West Fields - Comberton Greenways consultation

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5 Nov 2018 - 11:00
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Save the West Fields campaigns to save the iconic rural meadows, fields, woods and wildlife of historic West Cambridge, Coton, Barton, Madingley, Grantchester and the Gog Magogs. 

CCF does not take a political stance either way but feel that our members would be interested in being involved in the consultation. The following paragraphs are the stance that Save the West Fields campaign take, it is not an endorsement one way or the other by CCF.  

We actively support a sensitively designed off road greenway (cycle way only) that runs around the West and South Side of the University Sports ground and along the Rifle Range. To be clear, we are still very strongly opposed to any busway across the West Fields. However, we do support the greenway/cycle way initiative because this goes one step further to making the West Fields into a park and we do not believe it adversely impacts the rural setting. Above all, it enhances access to this important green corridor with its beautiful views.  In this way, it is demonstrably different from any busway/tramway proposal which would harm the setting. We support both option 15 and option 16, the potential link to Barton Road.

One of the advantages of option 15 is that it goes down Sidgwick Avenue. This is a better alternative to Garrett Hostel Lane which is completely impractical and dangerous as a major cycle route into town. There have been many bad accidents on Garrett Hostel Lane in the past and tourist numbers keep increasing.

Please get involved and help us turn the West Fields into the park that Cambridge deserves. Please strongly support option 15 and 16.

The survey is here:

The explanation document is here: PDF

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Save The West Fields