Old Press/ Mill Lane masterplan consultation

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18 Mar 2018 - 22:30
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As you may know, Cambridge City Council adopted a Supplementary Planning Document for
the re-development of the Old Press / Mill Lane site in 2010. The University of Cambridge has
been working with Queens’, Darwin and Pembroke colleges to create an inspiring vision for
the site’s regeneration and we are keen to consult with key stakeholders, businesses and
residents about our draft masterplan for the site.
The University been working with Cambridge City Council to develop a masterplan and believe
that the site has the potential to become an iconic gateway to the centre of Cambridge:
seamlessly integrating university and college accommodation in a new vibrant quarter of the
Old Press/Mill Lane is a key part of the University’s wider city-centre strategy, and the
proposals include improved public open space and accessibility to the riverfront. The plans also
intend to provide much-needed graduate accommodation and high-quality academic
Public exhibitions will be held in March during which you will be able to learn more
about our plans and give us much needed feedback. These exhibitions will be held from 4-
8pm on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March at:
The University Centre,
Granta Place,
More information is available on the project website with details of the proposals being added once the exhibitions have begun.
There is a key stakeholder session scheduled to take place on place on 21 March at 1.00 – 3.00 pm at the University Centre. Should you wish to join
us, please send confirmation of your attendance via email to consultation@opmlcambridge.co.uk.