News from the CCF Chair - use of DAB, Council minutes and 'refreshing the CCF'

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9 Aug 2016 - 16:30
CCF News

I’d like to introduce myself as the new Chair of CCF, and let you know the great news about CCF’s use of the David Attenborough Building! 

I circulated a brief CV at the Council meeting to let people know a bit more about me and what I hope to do on your behalf and with your support, as your Chair.  I attach this below for those of you that couldn’t make the meeting.

David Attenborough Building

I have some really good news to share with you – we have agreed how CCF members can use the wonderful new David Attenborough Building (DAB) in Cambridge, beside the Zoology Department on Downing Street.  The DAB is an amazing place where the ten Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) partners are housed – and it provides superb working environment which is designed to encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas to promote conservation.  This is a fantastic opportunity for CCF partners, and the Committee hope that you will make full use of the facilities provided to foster new relationships and do good stuff for conservation!  We can also book meeting rooms for collaborative meetings involving other members of the CCI.

The key thing from CCF’s point of view is that we have four hot-desks that staff of CCF organisations (and individual members if they are actively involved in specific CCF groups or activities) can use for periods of half and full days.  When using the desks, you can use all the other facilities in the building – most importantly the common room where free tea and coffee is available to stimulate a good atmosphere for mixing with people from the rest of the building.  Full details of how to book the desks and other facilities in the DAB are provided in the attached document (below) – where you will also find the guide to the use of the building and how to book meeting rooms and the use of shared spaces.  The key things to remember are to book in, using the google docs spreadsheet and to bring proof of ID that you are a member of a CCF member organisation for when you sign in at reception.

Please can you, as CCF Reps, please bring this to the attention of your organisation’s staff so that they can now begin to use the DAB?


Council Minutes (attached below)

We had a great Council meeting on 6th July attended by a great range of CCF member organisations.  We welcomed a new member to CCF: Talking Transformation which works with NGOs all over the world looking at conflict resolution in conservation and facilitating the involvement of ‘business for good’.  In addition to me, we elected Judith Schleicher as Vice-Chair, Roger Mitchell as Treasurer, Angelika von Heimendahl as Secretary, Josie Chambers as Membership Secretary and Marina Bristow as Events Manager.

We had a very positive discussion about the CCI and CCF relationship.  A working group that had comprised Roger Mitchell, Pamela Abbott, Judith Schleicher and Will Simonson from CCF and Ros Aveling; Andy Clements; Rosie Trevelyan and Mike Rands from CCI had been ably facilitated by Phil Hadridge from Idenk.  It is thanks to these people that we have the arrangements put in place for CCF’s use of the DAB.  We are also going to take forward some joint approaches to finding funds to support a part-time CCF co-ordinator post.  As CCF has grown, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep on top of everything with just volunteer support.  We also discussed why the transformation of CCF into a CIO was not taking place at the moment and noted that this was being put on the back burner while we work through the new collaborative arrangements with the CCI.

Next we heard how successful the Summer Symposium had been, organised by Will Simonson and the Summer Social at Wandlebury and about the various other activities that the CCF had been doing – big thanks to the CCF team that organise our meetings (Natalie Lambert, Martina Bristow and Pamela Abbott), special interest groups (Pamela Abbott, Sue Wells and Roger Mitchell), newsletter (Sarah Ivory, Roger Mitchell, Will Simonson, Debbie Macklin, Cath Davey) and social media presence (Paola Bruseghini and Keri Jane Russell).

Finally we gave a great vote of thanks to Roger Mitchell and Will Simonson, our out-going Chair and Vice-Chair, who have put in huge amounts of work on your behalf for the CCF partnership.  Then we all enjoyed some good drinks and nibbles and chatted about all things conservation.


Refreshing the CCF

As the new Executive Committee of the CCF, we want to make contact with all our members.  In particular, we need to check that we have the correct contacts for each organisation, but more importantly  we want to discuss how the CCF is working for your organisation and how your organisation can contribute to the CCF partnership.  We will be looking at our constitution and vision as we think they need a refresh, given the changes brought by the advent of the CCI and DAB and because the world has moved on since the vision was done in 2010.

So Josie, our new Membership Secretary will be writing to you all in September to propose that we meet up and suggesting a number of aspects that we think would be good to discuss – so keep a look out for this and we are looking forward to meeting you all!

Finally – if you have ideas for how the CCF should develop do drop a line to : we would be really pleased to hear from you.  If you have items of news or events that you want advertised, then don’t forget to contact  - this is what it’s all about! 

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Best wishes,

Humphrey Crick