News about the CCF Hotdesk and Meeting Room

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25 Jun 2018 - 10:30
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We now have a hotdesk available in the Leventis Library in the David Attenborough Building and also members can book the use of a small meeting room for the first time for non-collaborative meetings, as we feel that this would be of great benefit to CCF members.


Following a set discussion with CCI about the use of the CCF hotdesks in the David Attenborough Building, we realised that while these desks have been useful to some of us, the demand for their use has been much less than anticipated, at less than 10% usage. The desks are a valuable resource and there is great demand for space in the DAB.  In addition, while the other CCI partners have kindly agreed to subsidise our desks, given the low level of usage and that some of the main users have now got their own desks in the building, and that they collectively cost the partners about £10,000 per year, it was obvious that this wasn’t a good use of their resources. 


So, we have agreed a new set of arrangements:

·      There will be a dedicated desk space for CCF members in the CCI Library. The use of this will be monitored over the next few months to see if it meets demand and, if more dedicated spaces are needed, we will ask individual CCI partners if they would be able to offer these. This will be bookable in the usual way on the googledocs booking form available from the front page of the CCF website.

·      CCF members will be welcome to use work stations in CCI shared spaces, especially in the Common Room and on the 3rd floor outside the Library, but will be requested to note their intensions on the CCF Google docs booking form in the usual way and to let CCI Services Reception desk know, when signing into the DAB on arrival.

·      As a new option, which we think will be more valuable to CCF members, CCF will be able to book a small meeting room (normally the Baobab Meeting room or, if not available, an equivalent)  for working purposes and for meetings for the sole use of staff and volunteers from CCF member organisations for periods of up to two hours. This will be bookable by contacting the DAB Reception desk

·      Large meeting rooms (Large Seminar Room, Weston Seminar Room, Manatee room) will be bookable by CCF if the purpose of the meeting is to collaborate with staff from other CCI partner organisations.  Again, such bookings will need to be made through the DAB reception, but will probably be easier by asking one of the CCI collaborating organisations to do so.

Please see the attached document below for guidance.

We hope that these new arrangements will meet member needs and would welcome any comments to


Humphrey Crick

Chair of CCF