Important Habitat for birds and bats under threat

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24 Sep 2019 - 07:30
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I am writing to you concerning the proposal to remove at least 50m of the double hedgerow on Wort's Causeway, Cambridge, to provide vehicle access to the This Land development at Newbury Farm. This is unnecessary as there is already a cycle and footpath there, which will be expanded anyway, and will cause devastating loss of habitat to bats, endangered birds including barn owls, skylarks and grey partridge and damage to their habitat and food sources. There are 7 species of bat living there, one of which is extremely rare in the UK. Details on numbers and distribution of flora and fauna are contained in the environmental impact assessments, submitted with the plans, which identifies the northern hedgerow being of particular importance to wildlife and recommends retaining it completely.

Despite the attempt to deliver a net gain for biodiversity in the plans the loss of the uninterrupted corridor between nesting sites and food sources in the Beechwoods and local PRV and SSSIs will not be able to be reversed. 

The council has a commitment to encouraging residents to use sustainable transport means and this would only encourage car use. They also recognise that Cambridgeshire has one of the lowest percentages of land designated for protecting habitats and species in England.

I cannot find any justification in the transport and travel plans for a second road into the site, there is commitment in the recent local plan under Policy 27 to provide a crossover point for residents of the forthcoming GB1 development. A local planning officer has given me written reassurance that this does not have to be for vehicles.

Would you be able to use your local network to make this issue known to Queen Edith residents and to ask them to comment on the proposed plans so that they can object to this if they wish?

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