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9 Jul 2017 - 18:00
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What advice would you have liked when starting your conservation career?


This question is asked a lot by our volunteers and interns, so we have decided to prepare a CONSERVATION CAREER GUIDE to help young people decide about working in conservation and what career path to follow. Overwhelmingly, these young conservationists are driven by a genuine passion for nature and for saving wildlife, but at the same time they are often motivated by dilemmas about their career choices or generally about self-exploration and gaining new skills and experiences.


You can get an idea on the type of advice and tips through our Conservation Career Guide blog here:


From our own experience, we have identified 7 different career paths, such as Academic and Teaching, Fieldwork, NGO organisation, Public Policy, Business and Consulting, Communication and Media, Own venture.


YOUR FEEDBACK, based on your own professional experience in conservation, would be much appreciated. It will be a great help to anyone who is considering a conservation career, but has genuine questions about the work and qualifications needed for their chosen field.  


Your contact information will not be shared and you can choose to remain anonymous, if you wish. Please use this link to complete our short survey, which contains only THREE questions.


THANKS very much for your contribution. You will receive your own copy of the guide (as an e-Book) when it is published.


Who are we?

Biodiversity Business is a new member of the Cambridge Conservation Forum. It is a non-profit social enterprise (registered in England and based in the Cambridge area) focused on saving endangered species and their habitats, particularly in Malaysia. We do this primarily through offering volunteering, internships and travel via our site