The CCF Re-wilding Symposium

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14 Jan 2019 - 11:45
CCF News

The CCF just held its biggest ever conference over two days at the David Attenborough Building: “Rewilding and its effect on nature and people”. 

Attended by 450 people, some from as far afield as the US, it was a vibrant and exciting event that will have inspired and informed in equal measure!  With big names speakers such as Germaine Greer and George Monbiot; conservation heroes such as Carl Jones and Alan Watson-Featherstone, we were also treated to talks from farmers and policy makers so bringing together different cultures in a way that the CCF was formed 20 years to do. 

The conference participation was full of young conservationists and we fulfilled the Women in Conservation Leadership’s aspirations for gender equality in all aspects, which was also brilliant! Huge thanks are due to co-organisers Angelika von Heimendahl, whose brain child it was; to the folk at Citizen Zoo, especially Lucas Ruzowitzky, Elliot Newton, Lilla Csonka and Sonia Dhanda, who organised it all so brilliantly and to everyone who joined us in what can only be termed as a spectacular event.

We will be providing a more detailed report in due course, but the final message from the conference was to “Be bold, be imaginative, and work together to make a wilder world”!!