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1 Sep 2017 - 10:00
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We’re delighted you want to help! The survey runs from Friday 25th August and you will need to register HERE to take part.

We are asking up to 2000 of you to make a beer trap; turn your garden into a wasp sampling location, and contribute to the map of UK wasp information.

As scientists, we collect information in lots of different ways but thanks to the internet and smart phones lots of scientist are asking the public to help in approach that’s known as Citizen Science.

The Big Wasp Survey is a little different – the biggest wasp survey of its kind, the Big Wasp Survey is not relying on your smart phone. Instead, we want you to do just a little DIY and make your own beer or orange juice trap! Once you’ve hung up your trap, and attracted wasps to it, we would like to post the wasps in your trap back to us via Freepost provided by our sponsor the Royal Entomological Society.

Using your samples we hope to find out much more about the different species of wasps and their distribution across the UK.

The Big Wasp Survey is sponsored by the Royal Entomological Society.
We also thank BBC Countryfile and BBC online for promoting the initiative.

Why are we asking you to kill wasps?