Cam Valley Forum

We are a voluntary group operating with an extensive network of partners to protect and improve the environment of the River Cam and its tributaries.  We are registered as a charity. Volunteers doing physical tasks are covered by our insurance. Members pay a small subscription, receive a newsletter and are invited to both lecture and field meetings. Our Steering Committee meets every six weeks to respond to concerns about the River Cam (and its other tributaries, the Granta, the Bourn Brook and the Rhee). We reflect on such concerns and take appropriate action. Many other conservation groups are affiliated to us and we link with local government Ecology officers, local the Catchment partnership (CamEO), the Environment Agency, local water companies and several wildlife groups with a river interest.

The Cambridgeshire chalk aquifer has been relentlessly lowered by water abstraction, so that some streams no longer run.Yet there is an increasing local water demand from our expanding human population. Upstream Cam water quality can be “poor”, on account of pollution. This is unacceptable. We help identify, monitor and tackle many such problems affecting the river. Our recent focus has been on the physical elimination from the upper river of an alien plant, the Floating Pennywort. We work to build new collaborations and initiatives to improve the river and its surroundings, an example being the new ‘Rush’ fish-pass at Sheep’s Green. With climate change on the way, we believe that we must act to mitigate the drought and flood extremes that are both regular in our river catchment.To this end we regularly submit consultation responses on water ecology issues to Anglia Water, The Cambridge Water Company and The Environment Agency and keep these issues alive in the local media. 

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