British Ornithologists' Union

The BOU was founded in 1858 and is the oldest membership-based ornithological publishing society in the world. Our aims are to promote the understanding and conservation of the world’s birds, to advance ornithology within the scientific community and to promote scientific ornithology to the wider birdwatching public. This is achieved by the publication of ornithological research, in particular through our international journal of avian science, Ibis (published continuously since 1859), and the BOU Checklists avifauna series (country avifaunas currently running to 22 titles with many more in prep.). We also run conferences on key ornithological and bird conservation topics (e.g. climate change, renewable energy, disturbance, farmland birds, avian diseases), by maintaining the official list of birds recorded in Britain, by making grants and bursaries available for ornithological research, supporting Early Career Researchers and by offering ornithological advice to other organisations and agencies.