Volunteers positions for a fieldwork season in the Seychelles

Application Deadline: 
26 Feb 2018

Location: Mahé Island, Seychelles.
Duration: 8.5 months  (Last week of August 2018 to first week of may 2019)

We are seeking for highly motivated volunteers who can assist with the data collection, processing and handling for two conservation projects that will take place in the island of Mahé in the Seychelles.  
The project "Spatio-temporal responses of ecosystem function to ecological restoration" will use an established restoration community experiment to investigate the longer-term spatio-temporal responses of the removal of alien species on native mutualistic and antagonistic interaction between co-ocurring species.
The project "Effects of exotic species on network structure and the consequences for ecosystem function" will use pollination networks and reproductive success of endangered plants in the Seychelles to investigate the impact of habitat restoration and augmentation of invasive species on ecosystem functioning on native plant population viability.
Both projects are a great opportunity to learn about conservation, island and community ecology and to acquire field work skills and experience.