Volunteer Chagos Trust Chair - Work from Home, UK

Application Deadline: 
1 Oct 2018
  • Chagos Conservation Trust Chair 
  • CCT is on the hunt for a Chair. This is an important, voluntary, officer role that ensures CCT is running efficiently and effectively. Do you have a love of the ocean and the right skills to join our team?
  • job description
    • Lead the board of trustees and CCT to enable it to fulfil its purpose 
    • Ensure an effective relationship between the board of trustees and CCT’s staff and external stakeholders 
    • Act as a spokesperson and figurehead as appropriate 
    • Supervise and support the CCT Director
  • application deadline: 1/10/2018
  • start date: January 2019
  • Location: Work from home, UK
  • Further information: Helen Pitman, Director, Chagos Conservation Trust, helen.pitman@chagos-trust.org
  • https://chagos-trust.org/news/are-you-ccts-next-chair-or-treasurer