Research project review; short term contract - National Trust, Wimpole Estate

Application Deadline: 
17 Feb 2017


The National Trust has a short-term contract job available, to review the various research projects and biological surveys we have had carried out at the NT’s Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire. We wish to collate and review all of these projects, in order to better plan our future work on the estate. We think this might suit a recent graduate or masters student.



The Wimpole Estate (1023 ha) in south-west Cambridgeshire incorporates the National Trust’s largest lowland in-hand farm. The Wimpole Parkland has been managed for 30 years by the Trust, grazing the area with rare breed farm livestock. In 2009, a large area of the Estate’s arable land was brought in-hand, and now 64% (653 ha) of the Estate is managed as an organic, mixed farm by the National Trust. 


A number of surveys and research projects have been undertaken at Wimpole in the last 20 years, on a diverse range of environmental topics, for example on soil organic matter, arable weed flora, farmland birds, field margin invertebrates and wetland invertebrates.


The aim of this project is:

To write a Review Report of the research and surveys carried out to date assessing the Wimpole Estate’s environment, including the arable land, parkland, pasture, woodland and marginal lands as applicable.


This will be achieved by the following actions:

  1. to collate electronic copies of all of the research and survey reports (most are available electronically, a few may need to be scanned).
  2. to write a one - two page review of each of the research and survey report, summarising the method, survey locations, date range, key findings, actions and recommendations and any clear gaps in coverage or research/surveys undertaken in order to achieve the objectives of the ‘Wimpole Sustainable Farming Project’ (project brief to be provided)
  3. to create a summary spreadsheet of the research and surveys and score the recommendations, geographic coverage, quality of data, repeatability of method.
  4. to create an annotated estate map, with the locations and dates investigated by each survey.


To write the ‘Wimpole Estate environment and farm surveys and research: Review Report’, incorporating points two to four above plus an Overview.


This Review Report will be central to the development of a programme of future research projects and surveys about the whole of the Wimpole Estate but focusing particularly on the natural environment, arable land, parkland and pasture. It is expected that a summary of each survey/research project will be produced of 2 – 4 pages in length, identifying the key information and results, plus recommendations/conclusions of the project. 



Six weeks of work, anytime between mid-Feb and April 2017. Final Report by 30 April 2017.


Payment: there is a salary available of about £10 per hour and is estimated that the project will take 6 weeks to be completed. It is possible to work part-time or full-time on this project.


Work-base: It is expected that the project worker will work from home, but with occasional visits to the Wimpole estate for orientation and to better understand the geography, topography and habitats.



If you wish to discuss the project and any of the arrangements, please contact:

Stuart Warrington. National Trust’s East Region Wildlife Advisor.  M: 07909 885506.

Robyn Ward, Estate Manager,  M: 07785 451686


National Trust, East of England Regional Office

Westley Bottom, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.  IP33 3WD