Project Manager – Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Application Deadline: 
27 Oct 2019

The FZS Manager will work with the BMNP park management to secure the conservation of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services of the Bale Mountains by fulfilling the following outputs:


·         Project strategy effectiveness assessment: Overall project strategy developed, priorities reviewed and innovative approaches considered

·         BMNP General Management Plan implemented within financial constraints

·         Well trained and efficient BMNP ranger force that are conducting effective law enforcement for resource protection in collaboration with local authorities

·         Community involved in park management and resource use control

·         Community outreach activities for conservation compatible livelihoods supported

·         Support for sustainable ecotourism opportunities developed and implemented in and around BMNP

·         Park infrastructure built and maintained and visitor interpretation facilities developed

·         Law enforcement monitoring system established supporting adaptive park management

·         Ecological and Threat Monitoring implemented to support adaptive park management

·         Performance management system for park staff introduced to improve motivation and increase conservation outcomes.

·         Overall project, staff, financial and partnership management delivered


Qualifications and experiences required

·         MSc or above (PHD)  equivalent experience in a conservation or natural resourcemanagement field

·         Significant (>7 years) and demonstrable international ‘on the ground’ experience in conservation of which at least five years in Protected Areas Management in at least two countries, one of which must be a developing country

·         Experience of ranger operations, training and law enforcement, with an emphasis on conflict management and social safeguards in different environments

·         Implementation of large, international multi-year donor funded programmes including at least one to conclusion

·         Experience of collaborating with governmental conservation and land-use institutions, and with private sector involved in conservation/PA-management NGOs 

·         Ability and willingness to live and work in a remote area where communication and conditions can be challenging

·         Fluency in written and oral English and excellent communication skills

·         Experience in working with local communities

Terms & benefits

An attractive package based on our in-country or international employment schemes and potentially a long-term position in an internationally recognised conservation organisation.

Probation period is 6 months.