PhD Studentship under ARIES Doctoral Training Programme with UEA and FFI

Application Deadline: 
8 Jan 2019

PhD Studentship: the value of pollinators in tropical forest conservation

Application deadline: Tuesday, January 08, 2019


A competition-funded PhD is available under the ARIES Doctoral Training Programme ( to work with Fauna and Flora International.

You will aim to quantify the importance of wild pollinators in a protected forest ecosystem in West Africa, from two perspectives –

i) the importance of pollinators for fruit- or seed-eating species of conservation concern, such as chimpanzees, monkeys, elephants, duikers and birds; and

ii) the value of the protected area in supporting pollination services to crops grown around it


Our research at UEA has shown that pollinator-dependent wild plants lose on average 64% of their fruit and/or seed production without pollinators, and this reliance is larger in the tropics.

The project focuses on the Sapo National Park (SNP), Liberia, in the Upper Guinean Forest biodiversity hotspot. Fauna and Flora International (FFI) has a research and teaching station there, with a biodiversity monitoring programme and high-quality local botanical and zoological expertise.

Please contact supervisor Dr Lynn Dicks ( more information