Part-time GIS Researcher (from Africa, Asia, or Latin America/Caribbean)

Application Deadline: 
22 Apr 2019
The Campaign For Nature, in collaboration with numerous
major organizations and governments, is analyzing the possibility of protecting
30% of the earth's surface by 2030. This analysis then informs the discussions
for the next global ten-year planning process for the CBD.   As part of this effort,
the lead consultant on the global economic analysis for the 30% is looking for
   The main skill required is GIS analysis and specifically, the ability to extract
spatial information from a large number of polygons that represent where the
protected areas might be positioned (e.g. zonal statistics, or the equivalent in
other software). We will be working out things like the agricultural value, land
cover, opportunity cost and ecosystem value of various proposed sets of
protected areas.
   The remuneration is $4,000 USD for approximately 100-150 hours of work,
which needs to be completed by early November 2019. However, much of this
work will involve automated tasks (extracting the same spatial data for a large
number of polygons or rasters), and so experienced operators may find that their
main effort is to spend a few minutes each day setting up overnight computer
runs, then babysitting the outputs.
 As an additional part of the same contract, up to $4,500 is available to fund
attendance at the ICCB Conservation Congress in Kuala Lumpur in July 2019. NB
If a researcher does not need the full $4,500 funding to attend the ICCB, there is
also the possibility to carry out further research, up to the value of the remaining
The specific person requirements are:
1. Good skills in GIS, especially spatial layer data extraction e.g. Zonal
Statistics (or other comparable software).
2. Researcher must be from Africa, Asia, or Latin America/Caribbean, since
this funding is specifically for "Global South" partnership. Ideally, we are
seeking African researchers at this stage.
3. Prior knowledge of protected areas and biodiversity (or spatial economic
data) is a bonus, though not essential.1
4. 100-150 hours of availability between now and November 1st 2019
Application deadline: we will employ the first qualified individuals who submit
an application (excepting that we will expand the search to members of other
regions if we are unable to recruit sufficient African researchers.) Please send your