Marketing and Communications Specialist - Cambridge, UK.

Application Deadline: 
1 Mar 2019

Job Description

To work with the management team to refine, develop and implement the company’s strategy for marketing and communications, coordinating the generation and dissemination of materials for all business areas of Levin Sources to all audiences, internal and external, ultimately helping Levin Sources deliver on its global strategy.

To build efficiency and effectiveness into the company’s marketing and communications, supporting business development, manage brand activities and contribute to internal and external communications campaigns.

To differentiate us from our main competitors and strengthen our reputation as the best advisors for operationalising responsible business conduct, promoting and protecting human rights, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the mining and mineral sourcing sectors. Help us continue to stand out from the crowd and connect with businesses, policy makers and civil society.

To lead our technical work in communications for public and private sector clients particularly in the spaces of sustainability, responsible sourcing, knowledge management and innovation in minerals sectors.

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