Ecological Field Assistant and Conservation Volunteer

Application Deadline: 
13 Oct 2017

Our main areas of work are with birds and as such the main responsibilities are (season dependant) currently:

  • Undertaking breeding bird censuses including passerines, raptors and waterbirds.
  • Monitoring sea bird colonies on remote islands by boat.
  • Producing, erecting and monitoring nest boxes for target conservation species, particularly European Roller.
  • Monitoring wetlands.
  • Shore watches, migration counts and some boat based sea bird and marine vertebrate surveys.
  • Supporting the local ringing team and ringing teams from abroad with mist netting effort and where suitably qualified, leading ringing teams.
  • Habitat management eg. clearing invasive species, installing floating islands for birds.
  • Producing short docuclips to promote the work of the NGO, managing social media and fund raising.
  • Liaising with fishermen on higher marine vertebrate bycatch, strand monitoring and undertaking necropsies of marine vertebrates (turtles, seals, cetaceans). Assisting with attachment of satellite transmitters to sea turtles.