Consultant to Develop a Biodiversity Monitoring Model - Cambridgeshire

Application Deadline: 
24 Jun 2018
Cambridgeshire ACRE is managing the development stage of the ‘New Life on the Old West’ project, which is being funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund.
This project seeks to establish connectivity and ecological resilience in the Cambridgeshire Fens between the core wetland nature reserves: National Trust’s Wicken Fen and RSPB’s Ouse Fen and Ouse Washes. It will do so by creating stepping stones of restored and enhanced small-scale habitats along a corridor centred on the Old West River, benefiting a range of habitats and species. Re-connecting dispersed species and restoring ecological processes will be achieved through habitat improvements on the network of fenland ditches and other waterbodies, farmland and community green spaces.
There will be new opportunities for local people to discover, experience, and appreciate their fenland natural heritage and green spaces. This should increase their sense of connection to fenland wildlife and to others within their community, engender a desire to become determined and enthusiastic stewards of their local environment, and an inspiration to other communities within the fens, and beyond.
During the development stage, we wish to contract a suitability qualified consultant to design and implement a monitoring protocol to guide and measure the project’s delivery; for use by all project partners.
Full 'invitation to tender' details at link below.