Associate Director, Small-Scale Fisheries, WCS, Bronx Zoo, USA

Application Deadline: 
21 Oct 2019

Position Description
The Associate Director for Small-Scale Fisheries will lead WCS’ Small-Scale Fisheries Program. Based in WCS’s Global Conservation Program headquarters located in the Bronx Zoo, NY, the Associate Director reports to the Executive Director of WCS Marine Conservation, and plays a central role with the WCS Marine Conservation Team, alongside the marine core leadership team on Sharks and Rays,Marine Mammals (Ocean Giants), Marine Protected Areas, and Coral Conservation. The position will coordinate closely with relevant HQ leads and WCS Regional Directors. This is a full-time position with benefits.

Position Responsibilities
The Associate Director for Small-Scale Fisheries develops and oversees the program’s strategic direction, coordinates the program activities in science, conservation and policy, and provides support for fisheries-related activities throughout WCS. In addition to strategic development and program management, overall responsibilities include development and fundraising, and communications and marketing. Administration and support for the Small-Scale Fisheries Program will be provided by the Business Manager and the Program Officer of the marine team. The Associate Director for Small-Scale Fisheries will shape additional staffing needs as funding is obtained