Get Involved with Natural History Cambridge

Invitation to get involved with NatHistCam
NatHistCam is surveying the natural history of Cambridge. This is its final year of collecting sightings of the animals and plants found in the city. We would like to invite you and your members and supporters to get involved. The attached flyer provides more information and there is lots about local wildlife on our website
Now that spring is almost here, please could you help ensure we cover as much of the city as possible. We want to include the small, inconspicuous green areas which might be important refuges for interesting animals and plants. So please tell your members and contacts about NatHistCam and encourage them to send in sightings of plants and animals, whether in their gardens, local open spaces such as parks and churchyards and even road verges. It is surprising how much can be found. Sightings can be submitted via the ‘submit a record’ button on our website or emailed to
People might also be interested in surveying their own gardens and there's a form on our website at
We are planning to collect sightings of butterflies over the next few months. Brimstones – a lovely lemon-yellow butterfly – overwinter as adults so can be seen when the days are warm enough. The Small Tortoiseshell is another of the first butterflies to be seen in spring.
If you know of any areas that are particularly good for wildlife, please let us know. We might be able to arrange to come and visit them and help your group identify the plants and animals found there. If your group has any events coming up perhaps a survey of the wildlife could be combined with the event. However, NatHistCam is run by a small group of volunteers and we may not be able to respond to all requests, but do ask! Please email us at .
There is lots about NatHistCam on our website including regular blogs reporting sightings, information on our surveys and more about the background to the project.
Please circulate the attached flyer to your members and other contacts, and perhaps you could print out a copy for your community noticeboard or public library.
Please email us ( if you would like to join our mailing list to receive updates about the project and our occasional newsletter - there'll be a new one soon. We will not pass on your email addresses to anyone else.
Please contact us if you want to get involved, if you have information on wildlife in the city, or if you want to know more about the project.
Many thanks!