Whitley Awards 2019

Application Deadline: 
31 Oct 2018
Maximum Funding Level: 
GBP 40,000


I’m writing to let you know that application for the Whitley Awards 2019 is now open! I would be grateful if you could help us spread the word by circulating this message to your networks, and encourage anyone you think would make a good Whitley Award winner to apply.

The deadline for applications is midnight GMT 31st October 2018.

The Whitley Awards seek to support grassroots leaders working in middle to lower income countries to conserve wildlife and their habitats with the help of local people. Awards are worth £40,000 in project funding over one year and come with professional media training, PR and a profile boost.

Can you think of conservationist who is achieving notable success and deserves recognition? If so, please forward them this email or suggest that they visithttp://whitleyaward.org/apply-for-conservation-funding/how-to-apply/ to download the 2019 Whitley Award Application Form and Guidance Notes.

We would be grateful if you could share the attached Call for Applications with relevant contacts, on your website and/or in a newsletter. A short note is copied below this message that can be used for emails, forum posts and blogs etc.


The Awards will be presented at the Whitley Awards Ceremony in April/May 2019 and successful applicants will receive funding in May/June 2019.

The Whitley Awards:

  • are the result of a global competition for effective conservation leadership
  • are worth £40,000 GBP in project funding over one year
  • champion local leaders working in developing nations that are rich in biodiversity
  • celebrate passionate people and effective communicators – individuals who inspire and are backed by a committed team and local NGO
  • provide a significant boost to winners’ international profile by putting a spotlight on their work
  • support winners with communications training and PR assistance
  • enable winners to join a network of Whitley Award alumni, with opportunities for collaboration and to apply for WFN Continuation Funding


We look for:

  • projects that explicitly address biodiversity conservation issues
  • value for money and likelihood of future sustainability
  • potential for replication to deliver large scale change
  • community involvement and grassroots approach
  • scientific founding – the leader need not be a scientist but needs to demonstrate the team have the required skills and experience or collaborations in place
  • proven success and evidence-based approach
  • measurable impact not just activity – we support projects that can demonstrate real change
  • marine, freshwater and terrestrial projects



  • WFN does not fund undergraduate projects, expeditions, MSc, PhDs or governmental work.
  • WFN works to build the capacity of less developed nations to conduct conservation. To be eligible to apply, the project must take place in a country that is notdefined as a High-Income Economy by the World Bank (with some exceptions).
  • The Awards are aimed at nationals of the countries or regions where projects are focused.
  • We seek grassroots conservationists from locally incorporated NGOs in developing countries, rather than in-country staff employed by NGOs headquartered in developed countries.


Having reviewed gaps in our geographical spread, we are keen to encourage applications from inspiring local conservation leaders in: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Chad, Central African Republic, Egypt, Guyana, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Lao PDR, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Niger, Panama, Senegal, Sudan, and Suriname. I wish to emphasise however that applications from all eligible countries are welcomed and proposals are judged on quality rather than country spread.

For more information please ask potential applicants to visit www.whitleyaward.org or contact WFN (info@whitleyaward.org). Thank you very much. Your help in finding new winners is greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,



Danni Parks  l Deputy Director

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Application to the Whitley Awards 2019 is now open – Apply now