Development of a REDD+ Safeguards Information System for Suriname

Application Deadline: 
31 Mar 2018

REDD+ Suriname invites proposals for the consultancy Development of a REDD+ Safeguards Information

System for Suriname. This work will be carried out in close collaboration with the Suriname REDD+ Project

Management Unit and in consultation with national stakeholders.


Please be guided by the annexes when preparing your Proposal.

Here is the link to full details


Proposals may be submitted on or before 31 March 2018, via e-mail to:

Ms. Silvia Karwofodi; REDD+ Administrative Assistant;

Please put as subject of your email ‘Proposal: Development of a REDD+ Safeguards Information System for


Your proposal must be written in English and be valid for a starting date within a period of 3 months minimum.

In the course of preparing your Proposal, it shall remain your responsibility to ensure that it reaches the e-mail

address above on or before the deadline. Proposals that are received by NIMOS after the deadline indicated

above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation. Before submitting your Proposal by e-mail,

kindly ensure that it is signed and saved in pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files.

Services proposed shall be reviewed and evaluated based on completeness and compliance of the Proposal

and responsiveness with the requirements of the Request for Proposals and all other annexes providing details

of NIMOS requirements.

The Proposal that complies with all of the requirements, meets all the evaluation criteria and offers the best

value for money shall be selected and awarded the contract. Any offer that does not meet the requirements

shall be rejected.


Please be advised that NIMOS is not bound to accept any Proposal, nor award a contract or Purchase Order,

nor be responsible for any costs associated with a Service Provider’s preparation and submission of a Proposal,

regardless of the outcome or the manner of conducting the selection process.

NIMOS encourages every prospective Service Provider to prevent and avoid conflict of interest, by disclosing to

NIMOS if you, or any of your affiliates or personnel, were involved in the preparation of the requirements,

design, cost estimates, and other information used in this Request for Proposals.


NIMOS implements a zero tolerance of fraud and other proscribed practices, and is committed to preventing

identifying and addressing all such acts and practices against NIMOS, as well as third parties involved in NIMOS



Thank you and we look forward to receiving your Proposal.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Cedric Nelom,

REDD+ Project Management and Supervision, NIMOS