Call for applications for research studies in northern Malawi

Application Deadline: 
30 Jun 2017
Maximum Funding Level: 

The Nyika Vwaza (UK) Trust (NVT) is a UK-based registered charity dedicated to the conservation in the Nyika National Park and the adjacent Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve in northern Malawi. It is funded through a legacy endowment and ongoing public support, and has as specific objectives:

To assist in the long term conservation and appropriate management and research objectives of the Nyika and Vwaza protected areas in Malawi.

To encourage relevant training and education programmes for Malawians and those living in communities adjacent to the protected areas.

The Grants are offered up to a maximum of £5,000 to cover reasonable travel costs, costs of field work materials, including where necessary wage costs for hired field assistants and related ancillary costs.

Grants will be offered to graduate level researchers affiliated with University Departments or other organisations dedicated to the study of natural sciences or socio-economic aspects of improved conservation of flora and fauna or environmental management in and around the these protected areas, especially where socio-economic studies can contribute to wildlife protection and improved habitat management. They are designed to enable researchers to undertake studies in northern Malawi relevant to their research. In some cases it is envisaged the studies may involve visits to similar ecological zones in Zambia and Tanzania. Applications for MSc-level fieldwork are particularly welcome. The Trust is also willing to consider grants for undergraduate level study field visits to the Nyika and Vwaza.

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