2017 Birdfair/RSPB Research Fund for Endangered Birds

Application Deadline: 
14 Nov 2017
Maximum Funding Level: 
$2,000 US
The British Birdwatching Fair (Birdfair) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) together provide grants to support research projects on any birds listed by IUCN as “Endangered”, “Critically Endangered” or “Data Deficient”. Grants of up to a maximum of US $2,000 are awarded, but funds are limited and demand is extremely high, so smaller requests are more likely to succeed than larger ones.
This funding is for scientific research only, and is not provided for undertaking actions such as awareness raising, advocacy or education. Projects that might qualify include searches for species with no or few taxonomic or conservation status of threatened species. Priority is given to researchers working in their own country, particularly where they are working for or in collaboration with the local BirdLife Partner, and to researchers addressing research requirements identified as priorities by BirdLife International (see below). BirdLife Partners themselves are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications from BirdLife Species Guardians are particularly welcomed. Funds are not usually provided for international flights. A number of conditions apply to these awards (see section 18 of the application form).