World Swallowtail Day

Event Date: 
9 Jun 2019 - 09:00
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 I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the announcement of "World Swallowtail Day" for 9th June 2019!

Knowing that you are as enthusiastic as we are to celebrate and conserve butterflies in the UK and overseas, we hope that you will sign up for World Swallowtail Day and put on an event to raise awareness and perhaps attract some funds for a local project or for our international target, the Homerus or Jamaican Swallowtail Day . Your event could be an information-sharing coffee morning, an educational lecture, sports challenge, field visit or project, a display, a local radio or tv feature, a special day in a botanic garden, zoo or butterfly house, an article in your local newspaper or a piece in your organisation's newsletter.

You will be in good company! We already have pledges from the Natural History Museum, London Zoo, Stratford Butterfly Farm, Operation Wallacea, Singapore Nature Society Sabah Rotary, Missouri Botanical Garden and many others are in the pipeline. The range of projects is already pretty impressive!

SBBT is an entirely voluntary organisation and registration is free. All we ask is that you register your event with us so that we can demonstrate the global enthusiasm for the cause and the amazing work that is going on, more often than not voluntarily. In return, we will provide a Resource Pack to include a stunning poster template into which you can drop your event details; a template for a vinyl or paper banner, a portfolio of photographs of some amazing threatened species from around the world with a brief description of the issues; a children's colouring book template and other useful items that we are still working on.

Will you join in? Do send in your registration and please don't hesitate to be in touch with any queries. Our website and occasional newsletter will also contain updates. Also, do please tell others about the idea!