Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum seminar - UK Fisheries

Event Date: 
7 Jun 2018 -
09:00 to 13:00
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The future for the UK’s fisheries post-Brexit - looking at priorities for policymakers, and key issues around trade and sustainability.

Key discussion points:

  • The future for UK fisheries policy and the anticipated Fisheries Bill;
  • Priorities for trade, tariffs and quotas for the industry;
  • Next steps for developing the necessary institutions and decision-making structures as the UK leaves the EU;
  • Sustainability and environmental priorities for domestic fisheries management going forward; and
  • Key challenges for improving skills across the sector and supporting different interests across the fishing sectors and communities of the UK involved in fishing.


  • The announcement that the UK will remain in the Commons Fisheries Policy during the transition period until December 2020;
  • The Government’s publication of the analysis on returning EU powers, which included fisheries management and support as part of the 24 policy areas that are expected to be temporarily retained by Westminster;
  • Government targets from the 25 Year Environment Plan to achieve ‘good’ environmental status whilst allowing marine industries to prosper;
  • The UK’s planned withdrawal from the London Fisheries Convention;
  • The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee inquiry into how fisheries and seafood trading arrangements between the UK and the EU will affect the fishing industry and others;
  • The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee inquiry into the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland’s fishing industry; and
  • The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs consultation for the proposed Marine Plan for Northern Ireland.

Guests of Honour: Nigel Gooding, Head of Fisheries and Conservation, Defra. Anne Freeman, Deputy Director, Domestic Fisheries and Reform, Defra.

£230 per person, plus VAT