Suffolk Naturalists' Society 'Of Mammals and Men'

Event Date: 
24 Feb 2018 - 00:45
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Topics include:

  • Badgers and Bovine TB
  • Pine Martens and Polecats
  • Wild deer and the environment
  • Bats
  • Drones as a monitoring tool
  • Little Ouse Headwaters Project (LOHP) and mammals
  • Post Brexit legislative implications for mammals
  • Hedgehogs in Ipswich
  • Hazel Dormice and footprint tunnels
  • Wildlife crime
  • Otters on the Suffolk coast. 

Speakers include: Patrick Barkham, Natural History writer for The Guardian; David Hooten, The Deer Initiative; Alan Miller, Suffolk County Recorder; Dr Tom August, Centre of Ecology and Hydrology; Dr Rowena Langston, LOHP; Ali North, Suffolk Wildlife Trust; Paul Cantwell, Natural England; Matt Heydon, Natural England; Dr Simone Bullion, Suffolk County Recorder; Lizzie Croose, Vincent Wildlife Trust; PC Lee Andrews-Pearce, Suffolk Constabulary; Richard Woolnough, Suffolk Otter Group.


Wherestead Park

Ipswich, Suffolk



Cost: £13 (SNS members and students); £18 (non-members)