Shades of Grey: Seven Saviours of Black and White Rhino

Event Date: 
15 Mar 2018 -
18:30 to 22:00
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We are delighted to announce our 2018 keynote speaker as Steve Leonard. Steve is a wildlife vet, and is well known from presenting many TV programmes, including: Operation Wild (BBC1), Safari Vet School (ITV1), Nature’s Newborns (ITV1) and Trust Me I’m a Vet (BBC1) plus many others.

Joining Steve will be Founder of Animals Saving Animals, DaryllPleasants. Daryll will share his unique tales of training dogs to join the front line anti-poaching teams in locations around the world, including Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Richard Vigne, CEO of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, will share the successes and challenges of running East Africa’s most successful black rhino breeding programme and provide an update on the northern white rhinos.

Helping Rhinos CEO Simon Jones will introduce the evening and provide an update on the work of Helping Rhinos and how their supporters around the world are making a difference in protecting the rhino.