Save the West Fields Campaign March

Event Date: 
2 Sep 2017 - 11:00
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Meet at 11 am on 2 September at the junction of Garret Hostel Lane and Queen’s Road. The group will be be doing a round walk through the historic city and then return to the Backs. Dogs and children are all welcome.

From the Save the West Fields Campgain: "It is about local people making sure that their voices are heard and not allowing the debate to be constantly held on terms that suit the Greater Cambridge Partnership.  The inevitable ugliness and destruction of schemes like the proposed Cambourne to Cambridge busway are part of a wider transport strategy, which is likely to impact many attractive parts of Cambridge: not just West Cambridge, but the green belt of the Gogs, Shelford and Stapleford, and much loved Cambridge streetscapes.  Now is the time to ask questions before it is too late.


1.  There are serious concerns about democracy and governance - why are these issues being marginalised by the GCP?
2.  Who is benefiting from the considerable land development opportunities of the transport options? 
3.  Why is Greater Cambridge taxpayers’ money being spent on bad briefs and schemes when it is known there are other better alternatives?"