Next steps for the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Corridor

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13 Dec 2018 - 11:30
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This timely seminar will assess next steps for developing the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Corridor.

Included are keynote contributions from Professor Sadie Morgan, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission;Bridget Rosewell, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission and Rachel Fisher, Deputy Director, Infrastructure and Regeneration, Cities and Local Growth Unit.

It will be an opportunity to examine the Government’s response, expected later this year, to the NIC’s Partnering for Prosperity report - which recommended the creation of a joined-up strategy linking infrastructure and homes, and the provision of new east-west transport links - and to consider further steps that might be taken to improve transport links in the area.

Delegates will also discuss the future for regional governance - focusing on the role for local authorities, LEPs and combined authorities - and challenges for improving collaboration between key stakeholders in the region.

Further sessions will assess what more might be done to underpin economic growth - looking at priorities for meeting skills needs across key sectors - as well as examining opportunities for extending the Corridor to further areas.

Key areas for discussion include:

  • Transport - priorities for delivering the two central projects - the Expressway and east-west rail link - and possible next steps for joining up the region;
  • Housing - opportunities to create and expand commuter hubs, following the announcement by the Secretary of State that five new ‘garden towns’ will be built along the Corridor;
  • Governance and strategy - establishing a shared vision for the Corridor and priorities for combined authorities, development corporations and other joined-up delivery vehicles; and
  • Addressing key challenges - looking at issues around planning, the environment, skills, finance, public concerns and potential expansion.


The agenda has been structured following consultation with the National Infrastructure Commission. The draft agenda is copied below my signature, and a regularly updated version is available to download here. The seminar is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Westminster Social Policy Forum. Follow us @WSPFEvents for live updates.


Professor Sadie Morgan, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission

Bridget Rosewell, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission

Rob Brighouse, Chairman, East West Railway Company

Rachel Fisher, Deputy Director, Infrastructure and Regeneration, Cities and Local Growth Unit


Dr Ann Limb, Chair, South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership

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A key output of the seminar will be a transcript of the proceedings, sent out around 12 working days after the event to all attendees and a wider group of Ministers and officials in central government departments affected by the issues; and Parliamentarians with a special interest in these areas. It will also be made available more widely. This document will include transcripts of all speeches and questions and answers sessions from the day, along with access to PowerPoint presentations, speakers’ biographies, an attendee list, an agenda, sponsor information, as well as any subsequent press coverage of the day and any articles or comment pieces submitted by delegates. It is made available subject to strict restrictions on public use, similar to those for Select Committee Uncorrected Evidence, and is intended to provide timely information for interested parties who are unable to attend on the day.

All delegates will receive complimentary PDF copies and are invited to contribute to the content.

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Please pay in advance by credit card on 01344 864796. If advance credit card payment is not possible, please contact the organiser Michael Ryan, Deputy Editor, Westminster Social Policy Forum to make other arrangements.

Options and charges are as follows:

  • Places at Next steps for the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Corridor (including refreshments and PDF copy of the transcripts) are £230 plus VAT;
  • Concessionary rate places for small charities, unfunded individuals and those in similar circumstances are £85 plus VAT. Please be sure to apply for this at the time of booking.

For those who cannot attend:

  • Copies of the briefing document, including full transcripts of all speeches and the questions and comments sessions and further articles from interested parties, will be available approximately 12 days after the event for £95 plus VAT; 
  • Concessionary rate: £50 plus VAT.

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Morning, Thursday, 13th December 2018 

Central London