John Henslow and the Education of Charles Darwin

Event Date: 
17 Jul 2018 -
19:30 to 21:30
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John Henslow and the  Education of Charles Darwin
Professor John Parker, former Director of the University Botanic Gardens, explores the research and teaching programme of Professor John Henslow to establish what Charles Darwin gained  during his 3 years in Cambridge and how it shaped his future achievements. 
Henslow had his own ideas about species change and recommended Darwin for the Beagle voyage. 
Could Henslow have had a greater influence on Darwin’s theory of evolution than he is given credit for? Without Henslow, would there have been ‘On the Origin of Species’?  
Venue: Sainsbury's Laboratory Auditorium, Bateman Street, Cambridge 
Date and Time: Tuesday 17th July at 7.30pm  
Tickets - £15.00 including canapés and drinks after the lecture + Raffle 
Parking - Freemasons Hall Car Park     
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