Helping the Cuckoo Horse: Egyptian Vulture conservation in Albania. Talk in DAB

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13 Nov 2017 -
17:30 to 19:30
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Helping the Cuckoo Horse: Egyptian Vulture conservation in Albania

David Attenborough Building 5.30pm Monday 13th November


In July 2017 a team of conservationists and volunteers from the UK, led by ornithologist and conservationist Kevin Hand, travelled to some of Albania’s remotest regions, hiking through the mountains surveying breeding success and potential nesting cliffs for the critically endangered Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus), known in Albania as the Cuckoo Horse – heralding the Spring as it returns from migration at the same time as the cuckoo, it was said in Albanian folklore to give the smaller bird a lift home!

Alongside Albanian colleagues and experts, they talked to the people who share their home with these magnificent birds, using their invaluable local knowledge and helping to raise awareness of the importance of vultures and birds of prey and the threats they face. Their findings have fed in to the Return of the Neophron project across the Balkans


Please join us for an update on the Saving Albania's Vultures project in the DAB Seminar Room at 5.30pm on Monday 13th November, adjourning to a local hostelry afterwards for further discussion!




As I expect you know, Kevin is also president of Cambridge Natural History Society and runs wildlife tours for ACE Cultural Tours, based at Stapleford Granary near Cambridge


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for Saving Albania's Vultures