Free screening of the film 'Between Earth and Sky' in Cambridge

Event Date: 
27 Apr 2017 -
17:30 to 20:00
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Free screening of the film 'Between Earth and Sky' in Cambridge 
27 April, 5pm-8pm, David Attenborough Building, Seminar Room

Dr David Weindorf, Associate Dean for Texas Tech University, USA is coming to Cambridge to screen his new documentary Between Earth and Sky. This feature-length, science-based film, directed by Paul Allen Hunton, is the first of its kind to explore global climate change through the lens of soil science. It presents the impact of global climate change through the perspective of arctic soils and ecosystems of Alaska.

Event outline:-

5.30 pm Introduction by Dr David Weindorf
6.00 pm Screening Between Earth and Sky (68 minutes)
7.10 pm Q&A with Dr Weindorf
7.30 pm Wine reception until 8pm


Alaska has been the source of myth and legend in the imagination of Americans for centuries, and what was once the last frontier of American expansion, has become the first frontier in climate change. Between Earth and Sky examines climate change through the lens of impacts to native Alaskans, receding glaciers, and arctic soil. The island of Shishmaref has been home to the Inupiaq people for thousands of years. As sea ice retreats and coastal storms increase the people of Shishmaref are faced with a disappearing island and a 200 million dollar price tag to move their people with an untold cost on their culture and history.

About the making of this film

The film organically evolved from an initial concept to document decades of research conducted by recently retired University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Dr. Chien-Lu Ping. Soon after production began, scientists – like Hayhoe and others – began contributing their findings as well. “What began as a modest attempt to archive Dr. Ping’s brilliant work, is now a cinematic-quality, research-based film that provides an excellent example of tangible steps the United States is taking to educate people worldwide about the importance of environmental stewardship,” said Weindorf. “I couldn’t be more honored to share this film – and the research”.

Between Earth and Sky is a collaborative film effort between the Soil Science Society of America, University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF), Texas Tech University (TTU), BL Allen Endowment in Pedology in the Department of Plant and Soil Science at TTU, Texas Tech Public Media, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. The film documents the research of recently retired UAF professor Dr. Chien-Lu Ping, TTU’s Department of Plant and Soil Sciences Chair of Pedology Dr. David C. Weindorf, and numerous other scientists and Alaskans.