Delivering the Blueprint Conference: Advancing integration of nature’s values into public policy

Event Date: 
19 Sep 2019 -
09:30 to 17:00
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The argument that nature plays a fundamental role in societal wellbeing and economic prosperity is now broadly accepted. The argument that the values of nature therefore need to be better reflected in policy, planning and decision making is also broadly accepted. Blueprints, commitments and high level plans to do this abound, from the seminal Blueprint for a Green Economy three decades ago to the OECD’s own advice to the G7 nationsthis year. Yet nature continues to be lost at unprecedented rates.


This conference, hosted by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative with support from the OECD CRP, focuses on practical examples of putting theory into practice. Day 1 focuses on a range of examples of how the barriers to integrating nature’s values are being tackled from across the OECD and beyond whilst Day 2 focuses on crystallising the lessons learned and how these can feed into future policy development, with a particular focus on the unique experience and opportunity presented by the UK.


The conference represents an excellent opportunity for policy makers, academics and conservation practitioners to hear from those making practical progress in the field and to discuss how best to apply this to their individual contexts.


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