CCI lunchtime seminar- CCI engagement with the Dasgupta Global Economic Review of Biodiversity

Event Date: 
3 Oct 2019 -
13:00 to 14:00
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Announced by the Chancellor at the last Spring Statement, HM Treasury have commissioned Sir Partha
Dasgupta to prepare a review on the economic value of biodiversity and to identify actions that will both
enhance biodiversity and deliver economic prosperity. The timing of the Review launch will seek to
influence the international and UK response to biodiversity loss, including the successors to the Aichi
Biodiversity Targets.
Following a very successful recent session with Sir Partha Dasgupta, as well as previous engagements,
the expertise and experience across CCI is recognised and valued by the Review team.
Whatever your area of work, you will have something to contribute to the success of this Review.
Come and hear Prof Bhaskar Vira present what is understood to be the approach taken in the Review and
identify how your work should be reflected in this potentially influential and important work. The CCI Natural
Capital Hub will be available to support a CCI wide contribution to feed in and support the Review’s Call for
Evidence, which is currently open.
Areas include:
Measurement of biodiversity and its relationship to delivering ecosystem services and supporting
livelihoods, regenerative rates, carrying capacity of ecosystems, thresholds, tipping points
Evidence of interventions and actions that reduce human pressures on biodiversity, via population
pressures, unsustainable consumption/behaviour change, mis-management
Links between biodiversity and all the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly climate mitigation
and adaptation, poverty reduction, food systems, human health and wellbeing, consumption, gender and
broader inequalities
Business case for conserving biodiversity, evidence of win-wins. Evidence of costs of inaction to
address biodiversity loss.
What affects the speed and scale of behaviour change.