CCI Lunchtime Seminar

Event Date: 
29 Apr 2019 -
12:30 to 13:30
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The first of our next series of CCI Lunchtime Seminars begins on Monday 29 April with a presentation by Lo Sze Ping, CEO of WWF-China.

Sze Ping is in Cambridge for three months as a Distinguished Visitor, and will be speaking on conservation in China and the notion of ecological civilization.
Everyone is welcome to attend. 

The unprecedented economic success of China lifted millions out of poverty, but at a high cost for the environment. Realising a different approach is necessary, Chinese top leaders recently have been promoting the notion of “ecological civilisation". To what extent is this a new green development paradigm? How is it linked with our global sustainability challenge? How can we imagine a One Planet future for all? What role can the CBD 2020 play in this regard?


Sze Ping is a leading environmentalist in China with more than 20 years' experience ofleading civil society organizations. He is currently the CEO of WWF China, and a Distinguished Visitor of CCI.