CCF AGM and Council meeting at the David Attenborough Building

Event Date: 
27 Nov 2018 -
17:30 to 19:00
CCF Events
Dear CCF Members
I would like to invite you to a new date for our AGM and Council meeting on the 27th November 2018 at the David Attenborough Building from 17.30-19.00.
We shall make papers available a month before, but one of the key points is to elect some of the members of the Committee of the CCF.  The current incumbents are willing to stand again, and we have received one volunteer for a currently empty position (Social Secretary).  However, it would be great to know if there is any interest in any of these positions, because some of the current holders may move on and we also need to start thinking about succession planning and it would be very good to have offers who might be able to be deputy position holders who could help with the roles and then be in a position to take on the full role at a later date. If anybody would like to discuss the roles, do get in contact with me or any other member of the Committee.
Chair – Humphrey Crick of Natural England (elected July 2016; offered  to serve to July 2020)
Deputy Chair – Judith Schleicher  of UoC Geography & WCMC (elected July 2016; offered to serve to July 2020)
Treasurer – Roger Mitchell of ARCT, ARC-ESL & RSB  (elected July 2016; offered to serve to July 2020)
Council Secretary – Angelika von Heimendahl  of Cam Cattle (elected July 2016; offered to serve to July 2020)
Membership Secretary – Josie Chambers of UoC Geography  (elected July 2016; offered to serve to July 2020)
Social Secretary – Hannah Lintott of Shepreth Wildlife Park (nominated)
[Not for re-election - Web Manager – Keri Russell (individual member - elected Sept 2017)]
Newsletter Editor – currently being undertaken by Keri.
All nominations will be published in the papers one month ahead of the AGM and each organisational member will be able to vote at the AGM or to send a vote to me by email.
If any member would like to suggest an item for discussion at the AGM, do let me know.
Dr Humphrey Q P Crick 
Chair of Cambridge Conservation Forum