Bird Therapy and Mental Health

Event Date: 
17 Mar 2018 -
17:00 to 18:00
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University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute at the Science Festival 2018
Bird Therapy and Mental Health
5pm, Saturday 17th March
Large Seminar Room, David Attenborough Building
UCCRI is delighted to host Joe Harkness whose pseudonym is Bird Therapy, a Norfolk-based birdwatcher and teacher who explores the therapeutic benefits of birdwatching for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health. Joe works with children with disabilities and uses the outdoors and birdwatching to help them manage their difficulties.  Joe himself lives with OCD, generalised anxiety disorder and sporadic bouts of depression and his symptoms and compulsions and his engagement with nature has helped him enormously. The experience of being outdoors can be reinvigorating and uplifting by engaging with nature, such as bird watching, which can provide a positive focus when managing our mental health.
Joe has been writing on this topic for three years now and has had articles published in Birdwatch magazine and The Curlew. He has also written guest blogs for the Wildlife Trusts and Mark Avery. The culmination of all this will be a book with the title ‘Bird Therapy’.
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