Bird Migration, Cambridge Bird Club Conference, Cottenham, Cambs

Event Date: 
3 Nov 2018 -
09:30 to 17:00
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Saturday 3rd November

The programme will cover Migration in a broad context, and how daytime and night-time 'observation' has contributed to our knowledge. We will then see specific example of migration and movements within species which visit Cambridgeshire in winter and also in summer, especially focusing on how technological advances have changed our perceptions of where and how our migrant birds go when they are not with us.

Session 1 – Migration and observing it Migratory Birds overview tbc Bird Observatories in the UK Paul Stancliffe (BTO ) Nocturnal Migration – sound recording reveals what passes through at night Simon Gillings et al. Lunch, incl. posters Noc-mig sound recording workshop

Session 2 – Winter Migrants Our Wintering Blackcaps – where do they breed? Ben Van Doren (Univ of Oxford) Wintering Wildfowl in the UK Geoff Hilton (WWT)

Session 3 – Summer Migrants – local superstars Nightingales and Others Chris Hewson (BTO) Swifts Dick Newell (Action for Swifts) Spotted Flycatchers Michael Holdsworth (CBC)

Tickets must be booked in advance: £25.00 per person (includes coffee, lunch and tea)

Tickets must be booked in advance: £25.00 per person (includes coffee, lunch and tea) For further details or enquiries check the Club’s website ( or contact Vicki Harley (Tel.: 01954 250340; email: