Bioblitz at Orchard Park

Event Date: 
18 Jun 2018 - 15:30
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Orchard Park Wildlife Project (OPWP a group of volunteers that works to maintain and enhance Orchard Park’s wildlife through community action - see: and Orchard Park Wildlife on Facebook) are organizing an informal mini bioblitz of the wildflower bank habitat on Ring Fort Road CB4 2GR on 18 June – during National Insect Week. The wildflower bank is directly outside the OP Community Primary School and we’re planning for the event to take place for a couple of hours from 3.30pm to try to encourage school children and their parents/guardians to get involved/take an interest. We will advertise the event via the school, social media and at a Charity Pot Party at the Lush store in Cambridge.

Orchard Park is a suburban housing estate just south of the A14 and north of Kings Hedges Rd. OPWP works with OP Community Council to try to ensure all habitats created for wildlife benefit are managed optimally for wildlife. Unfortunately, some OP residents don’t see the value of the wildflower bank, considering it a weedy eyesore to be mown down. OPWP has raised money to create and install a sign near the school showing the wildflowers that occur there, and the animal life they support. The school children will contribute to the content of the sign by providing drawings and perhaps text, and the results of the bioblitz will feed directly into the background information given to the school for their pupil’s contribution via a competition. We hope these actions will improve resident’s attitudes towards the wildflower bank and help to ensure its proper maintenance long term. OPWP will also provide records to CPERC, as we have done with the results of our Summer Safaris.

OPWP is looking for people who might be able to help with identification of flowers and invertebrates at the mini bioblitz event. They might be able to cover reasonable travel expenses for anyone willing to help out. If anyone is interested, please contact or 07902 454367 by 8 June if at all possible.