CCF Connectivity Conservation Working Group

CCF Connectivity Conservation Working Group

Connectivity Conservation address the preservation of ecological function and structure in landscapes, waterscapes and seascapes as well as aerial migratory routes such as bird flyways. This will allow organisms to thrive and ecosystem services to be maintained and be sustainably used. In other words, connectivity conservation links landscapes, reducing fragmentation and enabling migratory flows to a functioning and resilient system.

Connectivity here “is inherently about the degree of movement of organisms or processes – the more movement, the more connectivity. Perhaps even more critical for those committed to biodiversity conversation is the converse – less movement, less connectivity. Movement in nature can take many forms: soil, fire, wind, and water move; plants and animals move; ecological interactions, ecosystem processes, and natural disturbances move, or elements move through them. All require, to different degrees and at different scales, connectivity in nature.” (In Connectivity Conservation, Crooks & Sanjayan, (Eds) 2006)

The Cambridge Conservation Forum Connectivity Working Group has been set up to help galvanize the discussion on connectivity conservation among members of the forum as well as:

-          Collate information on ongoing connectivity conservation initiatives at different scales e.g. local, in the UK and globally especially on:

o   Case studies and success stories;

o   Policies related to CC implementation;

o   Monitoring of CC effectiveness

o   GIS information

o   Tools

-          Promote the dissemination of connectivity conservation initiatives through symposiums, special editions, CCF Newsletter and to the general public

 -         Support the IUCN/WCPA consultation process to refine Areas of Connectivity Conservation designations;

 -         And much more!


For more information, email Dr Marcelo Gonçalves de Lima (IUCN-WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group) or subscribe to the mailing list here.